Lease Purchase

We want to offer our clients a cost effective alternative to using cash resources for a project. Many businesses are finding leasing offers a number of significant benefits including:

Easier budgeting to suit your cashflow
Payments are fixed for the period which can be anything from 1 to 5 years.

Flexibility to add to the lease as necessary and include everything
If your requirements change during the period of the lease you can add furniture or any other office equipment to the agreement at any time.

Preserves existing borrowing power
Other lines of credit from your bank or other finance houses remain intact for other credit needs

Payments come from a revenue budget as opposed to a capital budget
Don't be restricted by capital budgets

Finance the total fitout and make use of the huge tax advantages
By paying for your furniture and the refurbishment of your offices from your cash flow, only a limited percentage is available for tax purposes. This is because the Inland Revenue only allows you to offset 65% of the capital cost against your capital allowances. However, if you go down the lease rental route, this will allow you to offset the full 100% of repayments against your corporation tax bill. This is the only form of borrowing where this is possible, and as such makes it the most tax efficient method of paying for your furniture and refurbishment works